10 benefits of sterilising your pet


Pet Sterilisation saves many lives and the benefits for the family, society and for the pet and many.

Here are the 10 benefits of sterilising your pet:

1. Sterilisation stops unwanted litters and the overpopulation which we have these days. Sterilisation is the healthiest and most effective of ending animal abandonment and the suffering which can be seen on our streets.

2. Give your pet the gift of life. It is shown that sterilisation prevents uterine infections, and breast and testicular cancer, especially if it is carried out within six months of age, giving your pet a healthier and longer life.

3. Avoid the times that your female pet is on heat. A female on heat has blood loss and urinates more frequently and that attracts males. After sterilisation this ceases and family life becomes quieter for all.

4. Avoid ghost pregnancies. Our female pets can suffer from psychological pregnancies making them unwell physically as well as psychologically. Symptoms are swollen breast, milk production, enlarged abdomen, nervousness, changes in appetite and constant whining.

5. After sterilisation, your male pet will not want to escape to find a female on heat. We are continuously told about lost animals, the majority of which are males that have escaped to go on the trail of a female on heat. This often results in the owners never seeing their pet again. This may be because of a road traffic accident, or from the serious consequences of a fight with another male or simply because they never find the way home again.

6. Sterilisation reduces male aggression. The personality of our pet does not change, hower it has been shown that aggression is considerably decreased.

7. Sterilisations stops pets marking their territory with urine. Male animals will mark every corner of our home, garden or street, but if it is sterilised at an early age, it can stop the animal marking completely. The later the sterilisation, the less effective it  is.

8. Sterilisation is more economical. If we compare the costs of veterinary visits for treating wounds suffered while the pet has escaped, or for injuries from an accident, or for the cost of treating one of the illnesses that can develop if an animal is not sterilised, not to mention the cost of raising and maintaining a litter, sterilisation is the most economical of all.

If finances are important in your home, invest money in your pet’s future and in your own and in the future save money and unpleasant surprises.

9. Your pet will not PUT ON WEIGHT if it is sterilised. The myth that animals put on weight after being sterilised is just that – a myth. Animals put on weight because of a lack of exercise and over-eating. Giving an animal the right amount of exercise and the right amount of food will ensure that it remains at its ideal weight.

10. Your pet does NOT need to reproduce one time before being sterilised. It is another false belief that an animal should not be sterilised before producing a litter. Our pets do not feel the need to reproduce, do not need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or to become parents.

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