Nerea, helping the elderly and disabled


Our dear Nerea, a Pekinese three years old, who came to our hostel in January and had the good fortune to find a family just two months later in Germany. And there, she lives a happy lives! Along with a canine companion and fellow cats, all form a big family! 

But that's not all, the owner works at a center for elderly and disabled, and every morning takes Nerea to her workplace to help the residents there. They tell us you are helping a lot, the elderly raising the spirits when she comes to visit them and accompany, as well as disabled people in the center, also have a great time, playing and giving affection to Nerea.

Nerea has been very lucky, because apart from being very happy with her ​​family, also has a large family in the center, where everybody love her and she can help these people to be happier!

Our companions, our pets, do much for us!, Humans ... and is to be appreciated! View as abandoned animals, as Nerea, among others, have no rancor, but forgive and try to help every day, loving us and respecting us!

We have much to learn from our friends the animals.

Here some pictures of our Nerea in his new life: