Be Teamer! Help with € 1 per month


Do you know that you can help us just by paying monthly 1 euro?  Incredible, isn't it?
The same as what you pay for a cup of coffee every month, you can help to save lifes!
That is the reason of TEAMING! One system of microdonations where it is not posible to choose one "fee" because this will be always just one euro every month, the only thing you have  to do is to register us and to support us, to write the number of your bank account or that of your credit card and every month, this great app will charge you from your account or your credit card, that euro...
Without having to do anything, without worries! even without having to remember the fact of doing that donation, everything is automatic.
The registration is very easy, nevertheless we have prepared a small tutorial STEP BY STEP:
  1. Enter this web site: y plantas-sara
Our web of teaming will open on which you just have to click : JOIN THIS GROUP

2. At the right of the next window that appears, you will find a register form. You just have to fill it in with your personal information.
VERY IMPORTANT: to write your right e-email since later on we will have to validate it

3.Once you have done that go to your inbox and check you  have received one email from

4. Open this mail where you will find "TO CONFIRM EMAIL"

5. Just click on it and the next window will appear.

In this window you choose THE WAY OF PAYMENT you prefer whether by means of your bank account or by means of your credit/debit card.
For this manual we have choosen the bank account
We click on bank account and it will ask us to provide:
- Our number of ID card if we are a person or our CIF (financial identification) if you are a company.
- Number of our bank account
- And clilck on the little message just under the bank account that says " In joining the group..."


And that is!!! we are already TEAMERS of Sara, you do not have to do anything else, your bank will procceed to charge  this insignificant euro without you realizing it and however you will be helping us.
It seems to be nothing but if you think about it... if we succeed in being 1000 TEAMERS, you will be only paying 1 euro but we will get 1000 euros every month! 1000 euros to help so great amount of animals that need it.
That is why is so important not only your collaboration but we need you to share this information with everyone, via twitter, Facebook...  also with your colleagues at your job, with your friends HELP US TO ACHIEVE IT!
Thank you very much for your support, thousands of animals are drawing a smile ^_^