Respect the animals by Flavia Baridon


Respect the animals should be a natural condition of all who want to be considered human beings. We share the same place, only for this reason they deserve the same respect they give us. They are helpless, with a glance that says it all. They no have a voice, if we do not speak for them. During more than 23 years, the Association for the Protection of animals and plants SARA tries to promote the role of pets in society through awareness campaigns and protection against neglect. We hosted more than 200 animals, which we take care to provide a decent life. Find a family that makes them happy is one of our main objectives.

It is an arduous task that often puts us in situations of exhaustion and despair. In a society influenced by interests of power and absolute selfishness, it is very difficult for our romance win ground. We strongly believe that our cause is possible, but we need more allies, people willing and positive spirit to move forward. We should have like allied with the authorities. Who recognize our work, to help us and hear our campaigns, which are for the benefit of all. Our job is to do a favor selflessly to the kennels. Of altruistically serve the various problems, many, hopefully they have a happy ending.

The Cabildo of Lanzarote and the City Council of Arrecife meet his payments each year, the City Council of Tias paid their debts until 2008, but the rest of the municipalities have debts since 2002, ridiculous figures of around 500 per year, which translates a debt amounting to 25,000 euros.

We dream that the day comes that SARA does not have to exist as an organization. That day is when animals do not suffer abandon and cruelty of humans.

Flavia Baridon SARA member and volunteer