The daily routine at Sara is hectic and not everybody realizes the great work and effort that we do every day to tend to so many animals. Today, we want to show you part of that routine, in particular the one of last Tuesday 11th of August, 2015.

From 6:30 in the morning until 22:00 at night there were at Sara workers, volunteers, management… tending to animals, surgeries, emergencies!

We have the biggest shelter in Lanzarote, with 379 animals (to date) that need looking after daily (cleaning, vet care, feeding, caring of the sick and after surgery care…), and if that wasn´t enough we constantly take emergency calls that without our great team of volunteers it would be impossible to tend to them and those poor animals would be left on the roads, kerbs, bricked up, on the street…without anybody helping them.

But let´s get back to this Tuesday and putting to the side for the moment the caring of the 379 animals, we would like to tell you about the emergencies and the calls:

1. We are told that there is some premises that have been boarded and that possibly there are some cats trapped (for several days) inside the abandoned premises, without being able to get out, without food or drink… condemned to a slow and certain death if no action to save them is taken. 

As you can see on the photo, as pointed by the arrow, the whole where they got in is now closed and that was a few days ago. The person who raised the alarm called the Local Police who, as this person tells us, is told to call the kennel or Sara. (Note: The Local Police has the duty of attending these cases, not the volunteers of an Association).

So this person called us. Quickly some volunteers go to the place but nothing can be done just yet. By asking and investigating we managed to track the owner of the premises who quickly came and breaks the whole again to help us recue the animals. 

Some mum cats came out running and we could rescue and catch their kittens, you can see them in the previous photo. All of that happened in the municipality of Arrecife.

6 more kittens, 6 kittens that we have no room for! With over 180 cats we are overloaded! They are currently being fostered but they will need to be adopted urgently.

These lives would have been lost inside there without anyone knowing, without anybody doing anything… and it´s not the first time we have to act on cases of animals being bricked up alive.

2. While of this is happening, from Tahiche, we are told about some puppies on their own in a field, at risk of having a heat-stroke. They don´t dare to pick them up because they are so feral they bite. We go to get them and they are in a sort of den they had made up themselves to shelter from the heat.

We start to take them, one by one while they bite us, screech and pee themselves, it was a complicated rescuer but we managed, 4 bardino puppies now save in the shelter.

We suspect that their mother, a feral bardino keeps having puppies because from the same place barely 8 months ago another very similar litter was brought to us. 

3. We are told that there is another emergency, somebody saw a female cat apparently in a very bad condition and that wasn´t moving, this time in Guatiza. It was very difficult to find a volunteer that could go to Guatiza, finally we found one.

A feral cat quite old and a bit wild with skin problems that after the vet´s checkup turned out to be scabies but not only that, she also has pyometra (an infection of the womb). She will need loads of cures and medicine and will stay in our hospital until she is fully recovered. Once recovered she will be spayed and returned to where she was found (because there is no more room for her to stay).

In the photo you can see her when she was outdoors and next to it in the pet carrier in our hospital which is the only room we have for her: 

4. While we are tending to the little cat another call, with another emergency! They have seen a small female dog not older than 4 months being run over. We quickly went to get her, we had to walk at least 1km on the edge of the road until we found her. When we finally saw her, by the kerb of the municipality of San Bartolomé, abandoned after the accident, we rescued her and swiftly brought her back to the shelter.

Initially we can tell that she has a broken leg and she has some more test pending:

But luckily and thanks to the news being shared on Facebook we are told about a similar dog being lost in the same area and it was her! Her family came quickly to pick her up and she was brought to a private clinic where she will be looked after. 

5. Again, a few minutes later we are told that a dying cat has been seen in Arrecife, a difficult area to reach due to the sewage and pipes…we went looking for the cat and despite of being among pipes, waste and cables…we didn´t manage to find the cat. 

To alert of the sighting of an animal in need of help without keeping an eye on him, at least, it´s no good to us, as in 90% of these cases that we respond to, the animal is not there anymore by the time we arrive. It´s for this reason that it´s so important the collaboration of the entire population. 

6. Another puppy arrives to the shelter, this time seriously sick. It was abandoned on a plot of land near Arrecife. After the relevant tests we find out that the little one, which we have named Donald, has parvo, a disease with a high level of mortality and very contagious among puppies:

Donald is still in our hospital under strict supervision until he recovers.

7. We get yet another call, this time directly from the police in Arrecife who have been told about an abandoned dog. The police is requesting us to go. Even if we are extremely busy as long as we can we like to help the security forces because everybody is busy and we need to help each other out. So one of our volunteers goes to the place where the dog is. 

Luckily, a few hours later the owner is located and the dog is released to him. 

8. We go back to the shelter to deal with the operations scheduled for today and more kittens are brought to us.

This time the kittens were found inside a rubbish container, condemned to a certain death. They were rescued thanks to a neighbor of Playa Honda who heard them.

Four kittens only 2 weeks old for which we had to look for volunteers that would foster them as they need to be bottle fed day and night. Once again, Sara volunteers give up their free time and strive to save these lives.

We didn´t have enough time to find and clean pet carriers for so many little ones coming in and so many alerts being received, so they waited in a box for the foster volunteers to pick them up. You can see them in this video:

9. And that´s not the end of it. Once we´ve dealt with all the emergencies and all the animals in the shelter, we go into the operating room to start the daily neutering, this time it´s street cats to keep on trying to control as far as we can the population of street and feral cats of our island.

Today we neutered 4 female cats, all of them from the Teguise municipality: 2 of them from Guatiza, 1 from Teseguite and another one from Tahiche. Neutered cats, with health checks to verify that they are healthy and returned to their place of origin. 

And the day is not over yet, even if it´s 20h we haven´t finished yet. Now we have the Management Board´s meeting to study the current situation and to find out what we should be doing to improve and keep rescuing lives. We finish the day at 22h. 

As part of this study, you can see some of the data:

So far this year (up to July 2015) we have neutered 653 animals in our island. 653 animals that won´t keep on breeding and adding up to the number of abandoned animals. 


Además, en estos meses han entrado en nuestras instalaciones, quedándose aquí en busca de un nuevo hogar, ¡420 animales! a los que necesitamos muchísimo encontrar un hogar urgentemente.

The high amount of arrivals, the huge number of emergencies we attend, surgeries, vet costs, feeding, medicines, etc it means that our books currently show losses of -€22,000!!

This is untenable. 

We need HELP!

Not only from the public authorities but from ALL THE PEOPLE. You can help either financially by donating to the following bank account: 
La Caixa ES53 2100 1510 33 0200154756

Also by becoming a member by only €5 a month, following this link.

And if economically it´s not possible, BECOME A VOLUTEER! Send us an email and we´ll inform you how. But we need a lot of help to tend to so many animals. Help us!
And this is JUST ONE DAY AT SARA. It wouldn´t be possible without everybody´s collaboration. Thank YOU!