Tomorrow is NEW YEAR’S EVE and for our pets, it can be a night of hell :(

On the 1st of January, every year, we see many animals which have been involved in road traffic accidents, we receive many calls about lost animals, we have to make many visits to the vet etc...This year we would like our loyal, furry friends to suffer less and enjoy the festivities a little more.

How? Follow this advice:

1. Don’t let your animals out while the fireworks are going off. If you cannot keep your dog indoors, make sure it is tied in a secure place. However obedient your dog may be, he or she can become frightened at any moment, causing it to run off and be involved in an accident or become lost.

If your pet lives outside in the garden or the terrace, for this one night, let your pet in the house so that it does not suffer from the terror that fireworks can cause.

Once your pet is in the house:

2. If possible, do not leave your pet alone for the evening; being with them will help them to feel safe. It is a good idea to leave a transport cage (with the door open) or cardboard box where the animal can hide if it wishes.

3. Do not reinforce their fear. If you are frightened of the fireworks or if you are angry, they will sense it. Remain calm so that they see it as something normal and that there is nothing to be frightened of.

4. If you cannot be at home with your pet, leave the television or radio on at a reasonable volume to lessen the effect of the noise of the fireworks. Make sure you do this before the fireworks begin and do not turn them off until the fireworks have stopped.

That last piece of advice is very important if you no other choice but to leave your pet alone in the house.

5. Lastly, if your pet does suffer with extreme fear and stress, there are medicines which can help. You should go to your vet and ask for advice and be prepared.

We hope that the festivities pass without the tragedies which usually occur each year. We are all responsible for our pets and we should take as much care as we possibly can.

Please take care of your beloved pets. They deserve your care and attention during these days which cause so much suffering. Thank you!

Fecha del evento: 30-12-17