What an amazing first week of December!! Why? Because it has been a very intense week for the entire Volunteer Team, very intense and very productive. We always talk about the work we do inside the shelter, but our Association is so much more. A huge amount of outside work goes on which is essential - work to keep the shelter open so we can continue to save many lives.

And our great team has worked so hard and for so many hours to cover all the Christmas stalls we have had:

  • During the whole week, including the two holiday days, the team, instead of enjoying their well-deserved free time, has been in the shelter tending to our animals and also running, from morning till night, the SARA stall in the Deiland Shopping Centre – and a thousand thanks to Deiland for giving us this opportunity! Our Christmas stall sold animal-themed items such as our 2017 Calendar, T-shirts and many gift items. People were also very generous with donations 

    And this is the great team that made this possible!


  • And, when the weekend came, while part of the team was still working in Deiland, other members of our Volunteer Team were running the last Tahiche Gardens market of the year!

  • Finally, Sunday came, and yet even more Christmas stands. 
    At Lanzarote a Caballo:

    And at the traditional Sunday Market in Teguise:

    From time to time, at these markets, we receive special visitors and this Sunday we received a very special visitor :
    MISTER SEPTEMBER from our 2017 Calendar! :

    And here is the visit of our “grandfather” who has been adopted! Our “Magic” Calendar continues to work ..

    WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS!! This article is only an example of a week’s work during the year by the Team that supports SARA and our animals 365 days a year, without respite, and with so much LOVE for the animals. BRAVO EVERYONE !!

    If you would like to join our Volunteer Team, please email: and start 2017 by helping the abandoned animals of Lanzarote

Fecha del evento: 12-12-16