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    What an amazing first week of December!! Why? Because it has been a very intense week for the entire Volunteer Team, very intense and very productive. We always talk about the work we do inside the shelter, but our Association is so much more. A huge amount of outside work goes on which is essential - work to keep the shelter open so we can continue to save many lives.

    And our great team has worked so hard and for so many hours to cover all the Christmas stalls we have had:

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  • Azufre en las calles: es tóxico y está prohibido


    Como todos ya sabemos, esa fea costumbre que tiene la gente de colocar azufre en sus puertas, ya sea de garaje o viviendas, está prohibido, es decir, la deposición de productos químicos en la vía pública es una práctica prohibida. El dióxido de azufre reacciona con el agua atmosférica para producir

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    Soon in English...

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  • Guinate Park’s situation

    Guinate Park’s situation


    About 15 days ago Sara found out that there are still animals living in this park which already closed at the beginning of the year. Until that moment when it was exposed on the social networks and the media, we believed, like most people in Lanzarote, that the animals had been relocated.

    As soon as we learnt that there were still animals there and the alarm was raised via several interviews of the public complaint by infozoos, we strongly requested to the Haría Townhall to organise a visit to Guinate Park with the suitable human resources...

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  • 10 benefits of sterilising your pet


    Pet Sterilisation saves many lives and the benefits for the family, society and for the pet and many.

    Here are the 10 benefits of sterilising your pet:

    1. Sterilisation stops unwanted litters and the overpopulation which we have these days. Sterilisation is the healthiest and most effective of ending animal abandonment and the suffering which can be seen on our streets.

    2. Give your pet the gift of life. It is shown that sterilisation prevents uterine infections, and breast and testicular cancer, especially if it is carried out within six months of age, giving your pet a healthier and longer life.

    3. Avoid the times that your female pet is on heat. A female on heat has blood loss and urinates more frequently and that attracts males. After sterilisation this ceases and family life becomes quieter for all.

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