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  • Campaña de Navidad 2018

    Campaña de Navidad 2018


    ¡Ya esta aquí la Campaña de Navidad 2018!
    En la campaña de este año nos hemos centrado en la importancia de que una VIDA no es un juguete. 

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  • ¿Cuándo es el día del Gato?

    ¿Cuándo es el día del Gato?


    ¿Sabías que los gatos es el único animal del mundo que tienen dedicados tres días en el año en la agenda mundial?
    Este debate se ha creado con el paso de los años y la nueva era de las tecnologías. Cuando buscas por internet, bien sea por Google o otro motor de búsqueda "Día mundial del gato"...

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  • Summer campaign 2018

    Summer campaign 2018


    No, we have not gone crazy !!

    This is our Summer campaign

    And yes, there is only a white space, because this campaign has been completed by children from various schools on the island of Lanzarote who have done the drawings for our summer ca...

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    On the 1st of January, every year, we see many animals which have been involved in road traffic accidents, we receive many calls about lost animals, we have to make many visits to the vet etc...This year we would like our loyal, furry friends to suffer less and enjoy the festivities a little more.

    How? Follow this advice:

    1. Don’t let your animals out while the fireworks are going off. If you cannot keep your dog indoors, make sure it is tied in a secure place. However obedient your dog may be, he or she can become frightened at any moment, causing it to run off and be involved in an accident or become lost...

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  • Publicacion



    What an amazing first week of December!! Why? Because it has been a very intense week for the entire Volunteer Team, very intense and very productive. We always talk about the work we do inside the shelter, but our Association is so much more. A huge amount of outside work goes on which is essential - work to keep the shelter open so we can continue to save many lives.

    And our great team has worked so hard and for so many hours to cover all the Christmas stalls we have had:

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