Workshop: Not being afraid of noises


The Arrecife Townhall is promoting a free dog training workshop to help dogs not to be scared of any loud noises. 

After the motion presented to the Townhall requesting silent fireworks, the Townhall informs us that they are very difficult to achieve so while they are considering the project's viability they opt to help families with pets that are scared of noises, not only caused by fireworks but any loud noises from every day life, so that they acept them with as little stress as possible until a viable solution is found. 

We will always very grateful for any initiative that help our animals to be calmer but we WOULDN´T want that the study of silent fireworks is abandoned as there are many street animals that have no shelter or family where to feel save from this noise. 

We would also like to keep present that the problem is not only caused by fireworks, since days and weeks preceeding the celebrations people use firecrackers and flares on the streets, what is fun for some it means suffering for others. Let's set an example ourselves and our families by not using firecrackers and flares in areas where animals may live, like urban areas. 

Sara hopes and insists that the study of viability of silent fireworks is NOT abandoned as it's extremely important. In the meantime any education for our pets that helps them to live less stressed is welcome, so if you want to avail of this opportunity and attend these free workshops, all you have to do is follow this link: ttp://

The WORKSHOPS will take place on:

✔ Wednesday, 21st of June
✔ Thursday, 22nd of June
✔ Friday, 23rd of June
✔ Saturday, 24th of June

There will be different shifts so every body can attend, there will be: 

✔ At 10h 
✔ At 18h
✔ At 20h

Places are LIMITED until all shifts are booked and it's recommended to attend with your pet. Take this opportunity, go to:

and register!


Fecha del evento: 21-06-17