Pet's First Aid Workshop 2017


Our First Aid Workshop is back!

We will learn how to save the life of an animal in case they have an accident (run over, another dog's attack, choking, wounds, convulsions, bleeding, broken bones...) and how to do resuscitation or how to deal with a heatstroke. We will also learn about basic care, how to deal with different pathologies and how to avoid them.

There will  be a theory part where we'll discuss the most common pathologies, both for DOGS AND CATS, followed by the practical part on dogs. 

The teachers on this workshop are: Óscar Fondón (CECAN Lanzarote), rescue instructor, dog assisted rescue and dog trainer, alongside his adorable doggie: Nuka, and Manuela Zarza, veterinarian from the Vets Pet Internacional Costa Teguise. Both will be at our disposal to answer any questions that we might have. Thanks to these two great professionals for donating their time and knowledge so we all can learn how to save lives!

Also, this workshop is COMPLETELY FREE  so everybody in our island can attend and learn how to save a life!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 23rd at 19h in ARRECIFE, Casa de la Juventud (we thank the Arrecife Townhall for offering the venue free of charge, thank you!) 

The spaces being limited due to the venue and to know a bit more about your needs, it is REQUIRED to register filling the following form (anyone that fills in the form will be accepted automatically until all the spaces are filled; when that will happen, the form won't be available anymore).

Warning: You can't bring your pet to the workshop (new rules from the Casa de la Juventud)

Fecha del evento: 23-09-17