San Silvestre Arrecife 2017


Another year we will be at the San Silvestre Arrecife popular race, but this year because the registration is free, we can not raise fund for our furry ones :(

We are saddened by this decision, as we are receiving many cases of animals from Arrecife, from its streets or directly from its Pound, that need operations that aren't cheap. So we were counting on this last collection of the year to be able to pay for these cases. 

One of these cases is Chanquete's, the dog that was run over twice in Arrecife and was rescued by the Animal Protection Unit of the Arrecife Police, and that is having surgery on his spine as we write this, an operation that will cost over 800 and this is not the only case of an animal coming from Arrecife that has to have surgery. This year so far we have tended to 415 animals from the capital and the number keeps growing. 

That is why, despite of the Town Hall having decided that the San Silvestre run is free this year, we still need to keep tending to these poor animals that have been abandoned, abused or run over so we will be at the event with our stand and our collection box so anyone that wants to contribute with their little bit can do it, so we can help so many animals and we will be very grateful. 

And if you want to help with the bills for the operatIon of Chanquete's spine, you can use our paypal (on the top right corner you have the “Donar” button) or our bank account: ES53 2100 1510 33 0200154756 -- Don't forget to write on the concept of your donation: “For Chanquete”

If you are a runner and you are going to participate in the San Silvestre de Arrecife race, you need to register on this link: RESTISTRATION SAN SILVESTRE

For any further clarification or information, you can contact Deportes Arrecife directly. 

We will see you at the San Silvestre Arrecife race! with our slogan: WE RUN AGAINST ABANDONMENT.

Fecha del evento: 31-12-17