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  • Workshop: Not being afraid of noises

    Workshop: Not being afraid of noises


    The Arrecife Townhall is promoting a free dog training workshop to help dogs not to be scared of any loud noises.

    After the motion presented to the Townhall requesting silent fireworks, the Townhall informs us that they are very difficult to achieve so while they are considering the project's viability they opt to help families with pets that are scared of noises, not only caused by fireworks but any loud noises from every day life, so that they acept them with as little stress as possible until a viable solution is found.

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  • A day at SARA

    A day at SARA


    Next Saturday come to spend a fun day with us and our animals!

    We will have a special day at our shelter...

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  • Manifestación contra el Maltrato Animal 2 Abril 2017

    Manifestación contra el Maltrato Animal 2 Abril 2017


    Hoy estuvimos en la manifestación a nivel nacional, convocada por la Plataforma Ciudadana Defensa Animal, donde todas las Asociaciones, Colectivos, Instituciones y particulares nos unimos para lograr varios objetivos comunes, como son: ...

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  • Cats Party Time

    Cats Party Time


    The Cat party is back on Friday 31st March 22:30!

    Where? In Arrecife with the collaboration of the club “Living Disco”.
    Tickets are 5€ and the money goes to our Association for Animals, specifically to the many stray cats who desperately need our help.
    But wait for the best part ;)...COME IN YOUR CAT FANCY DRESS! You can come completely catted up or just with whacky whiskers, but bear in mind that for the three best costumes THERE WILL BE PRIZES!...

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  • I AM LOOKING FOR MY VALENTINE - Will you sponsor me?

    I AM LOOKING FOR MY VALENTINE - Will you sponsor me?


    Valentine's Day is approaching, a day when love is in the air... and our little ones want to enjoy it too, so... Will you help us so at least some of them feel they have a significant other that looks out for them?

    Or even better... You don't know what present to get your better half this Valentine's? We are sure that such a thoughtful gift like sponsoring one of our animals will be a true love's gift...

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