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Adoption of: Leon

Adopted! on 13-1-2018
adopted Plan de Acogida Permanente
14 years and 8 months  
Date of birth
Arrecife  (Lanzarote-Las Palmas)
He is a love of dog ... very cuddly and loving ... if you scratch his ear, he will love you for all his life ... is what he likes ... then he will not want anything else.

He is fully sociable with other dogs.

A very loving dog and good.

Update October 2015
León is a lovely dog, noble, well behaved, very affectionate, attentive, intelligent, loyal and very handsome, maybe not in the traditional sense, but once you know him, you fall in love with him. Everybody at the shelter loves him very much, he is such a wonderful dog. We hope that soon he gets to kn ow what is to life in a good home, he certainly deserves it, it's his time.

This is what León tells us about himself:

-"Can I tell you my story?
Mi name is León. Long ago I was abandoned on the street and I had to learn to survive. The street was my home, a sad place for a dog like me, who loves cuddles and contactwith humans.
Luckily I found a good person that fed me most of the time I was along, but still, street living is very dangerous. Several times I came close to being run over and there was people who didn´t like me and they shooed me away, trying to get rid of me. I didn´t want to leave because my fairy goodmother was there to feed me.
One day, she -the only one I trusted- took me to the shelter SARA. I could be save there until somebody would adopt me.
It´s been 5 years but I am still hopefull that I will find a home, a family that will love me.
I don´t know why nobody has noticed me as I am very obedient and affectionate (I love having my ears scratched!)
I might not be very handsome at first sight but I assure you I have a beautiful hard and I can´t wait to share my love.
Please, can you help me find a home?"
Apadrinado porMARIA DOLORES RODRIGUEZ BEDIM y Oetlet Brütt

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  1. by: Maria Luisa Magno Nuñez - 31-01-11 #
    k bueno y cariñoso!!!Cómo le gustan las caricias, alli viene a recibirte.
  2. by: Nuria Cardenas - 21-02-11 #
    El niño de la casa, todo lo que tiene de grande lo tiene de noble, tranquilo y bondadoso. Uno no se cansa de darle mimos y el tampoco