Plan of Permanent Home

At SARA we have many animals that for some feature seem invisible to the prospective adoptive parents, whether by age, any physical difference or who knows why, the days go by and these animals are still waiting for his chance. 

In our effort to find a home for all animals that pass through our hostel we decided that these "different" also have to take their chance and that's why we created the PAP (Plan of Permanent Home ), this plan aim that no dog or cat that pass by SARA have to die in the shelter and can know a home where they can to have the warmth and love that you have been denied at other times. 

To achieve our purpose to provide for animals that are on this list that can be given in permamente host, this host is the person who offers to help, will host the dog or cat at home, permanently, without stipulate an end date and the duration of this host SARA will take care of food and necessary veterinary treatment as long as the host. 

We hope by this that many of our furry get their long awaited home. Want to collaborate with our plan? send an email to or call us at 928 17 34 17.

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Age: 13 years and 11 months

Breed: Mix Yorkshire

Sex: female


She is in PAP. In adoption with Princesa.

If you are interested, please call the tele

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