SARAEDUCA (SARAEDUCATES) is a project that started back in 200, to cover the need to set the basis of education, raising awareness and the sensitization of people in relation to animal welfare, so future generations would be completely responsible with animals.

Our main goal is sensitize school children in the different schools in Lanzarote in relation to the positive and correct treatment of animals to prevent inappropriate behavior towards them and inculcate the responsibility that having a pet in their lives requires. There are several issues addressed at these educational chats, the contents and message are always adapted to the ages of the group.

We not only go to each school, education and sensitization is being taught to all ages and that is why we also organize chats at adult learning centres and at specific events of all types of education requested by citizens so we can reach all homes. We also publish articles of general interest on our blog.

If you are an educational centre and would like to request that we visit it, do not hesitate to contact us to organise it. 

These are some of the articles that are part of this educational project towards animals:

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Charla Educativa

    Charla Educativa


    El pasado viernes tuvimos una gran mañana con los niños del campamento del @realclubnauticodearrecife...

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  • SARA EDUCA 2017 (Charlas, visitas, exposiciones…)

    SARA EDUCA 2017 (Charlas, visitas, exposiciones…)


    Desde la Protectora Sara, sabemos lo importante que es la educación y concienciación de los jóvenes de la isla, con respecto a la tenencia responsable de un animal. Por eso somos incansables a la hora de ir a centros educativos y aportar nuestro granito de arena en su educación.
    Aquí presentamos un

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  • Curso de Denuncias contra el Maltrato Animal 2017

    Curso de Denuncias contra el Maltrato Animal 2017


    En colaboración con la Policia Local Arrecife Unidad Protección Animal y Medio Ambiente organizamos el Curso de Denuncias contra el Maltrato Animal.

    - Será el 15 de Diciembre a las 19.00 h

    - En el Centro Cívico de ARRECIFE

    ¿Qué vamos a APRENDER en este curso?

    Siempre nos llega muchísimas dudas sobre:

    - ¿Cómo denunciar?

    - Si el caso donde sois testigos, ¿es denunciable? ...

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  • Publicacion



    It was a very emotional visit, they could witness how a 13 year old doggie was abandoned at our premises. This made the students both angry and sad, they couldn't understand how this could be done to a loyal pet. Those tears of hurt and sadness is the drive that will make this youngsters fight actively against animal abandonment and abuse.

    Thankfully it was not all bad news, they got to meet our PDDs (Potentially Dangerous Dogs) - we like to call them PLDs (Potentially Loving Dogs) because, indeed, only after spending a few minutes with our PLDs all the labels were completely dropped: the students could feel the dogs innate goodness, how loving and noble they really are... the misleading labels of being bad tempered and dangerous were left behind and the reality came to light: they are like any other dog: noble, good and affectionate...

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  • Pet's First Aid Workshop 2017

    Pet's First Aid Workshop 2017


    Our First Aid Workshop is back!

    We will learn how to save the life of an animal in case they have an accident (run over, another dog's attack, choking, wounds, convulsions, bleeding, broken bones...) and how to do resuscitation or how to deal with a heatstroke. We will also learn about basic care, how to deal with different pathologies and how to avoid them.

    There will be a theory part where we'll discuss the most common pathologies, both for DOGS AND CATS, followed by the practical part on dogs...

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