Confiscation of five podencos from Tías


(Contains images that can damage your sensitivity)

We haven't fully recovered our last case of abuse: RUBI, when today, Seprona asked us for help to save five podencos that were starving to death Tías. The veterinary reports point out the extreme thinness of these podencos, even one of them, one of the puppies was already deceased in the place and in advanced state of decomposition. Seprona's quick action to seize them has possibly saved the lives of these dogs.

We do not want to imagine what these poor dogs have suffered, because they had neither food nor water: We just spent a huge heat wave in Lanzarote and these poor dogs did not even have water.

Why so much suffering? How helpless we feel! So much pain! Here are the images of how they lived:

And the poor and innocent puppy already deceased in the place, born to die suffering:

Since Sara we do not give credit to the abandonment and abuse of dogs and cats on our small island, we are still at the beginning of the year and we have already lost count of how many serious cases are coming to us, it's crazy, we almost don't have time to denounce the avalanche of cases that we constantly get.

Despite having about 400 animals in our shelter, we "juggled" to make room for these 5 dogs, 5 podencos that not only are extremely thin but also are all terribly scared.

The following pictures are from the dogs already in our facilities:

For this case, we at Sara want to request help, in particular we need the following:

1. ADOPTIONS. We do not have any more room, and we are afraid that there will be cases of battered dogs that need our help, if necessary, if there is no room, we will not be able to help, we urgently need ADOPTIONS so that we can continue to rescue and save lives.

2. VOLUNTEERS. Although it seems does not seem a lot to come to walks the doggies, the truth is quite the opposite, it is of the utmost importance, that you call by our shelter if you can to walk our dogs and in this particular case, help to socialise them. These podencos full of sadness and fear need a lot of close and friendly human contact, they have to learn to trust people and for that we need the help of anyone who wants to call by, just sitting for a while with themore fearful dogs, so that they lose that fear and do not suffer inside the kennelswaiting for a new and responsible family.

We want to officially introduce you to our new five members of Sara:






If you can not adopt, you may want to sponsor one of them, and help them this other way, if so, just fill out this form: Sponsorship Form.

We want to thank Seprona Lanzarote for their quick action in the case, now it is in the hands of the justice the actions against the owner of these 5 + 1 podencos. We take the opportunity to re-request THE HARDENING OF THE ANIMAL PROTECTION LAW, as we did in the demonstration of the 2nd of April all over Spain, it is really necessary that the laws get stricter so some day both abandonment and mistreatment can be eradicated.

Meanwhile: Cuba, Jamaica, Indus and the Hawaiian sisters are waiting for your help and visit. We are going to show them that there are many people who fight and care for them! Thank you!

Fecha del evento: 19-04-17