RAYITO with his mangled paw


Today we want to introduce you to Rayito, a young 2 year old tomcat who came to us with a very badly hurt paw. His femur (thigh bone) was broken in various places which made the operation to fix the paw bery complicated.

In the first x-ray you can appreciate the broken bone:

Rayito, with his caracteristic sweetness (he's a very amiable cat and depends a lot on people), behaved himself like a hero. While we caressed and fussed over him, he didn't complain at all about the necessary tests.

A week after his arrival, Rayito was operated and, just like we had anticipated, the operation was very complicated and had to be done in two seperate goes. Finally, we had to put external fixtures because without them it would be impossible for the bone to mend properly. 

And here is Rayito after his operation:

To show you how the external fixtures work, here's an x-ray after the operation:

Once the operations were finshed, Rayito went to a temporary home, as did Cleopatri (see her history here), in order to get permanent surveillance and intensive care and to recover as soon as possible.

So Rayito lives now at a temporary home:

And the most astonishing thing is that Rayito actually jumps, runs, plays... with the external fixtures still in place, he doesn't give up. And only looks towards the future. (At the end of this article you can see a video of Rayito in his temporary home)

Here at Sara, we never give up on any case that reaches our shelter, we fight constantly to save all the animals who reach us but the reality lets us down when there are so many bills to be paid and it's impossible to attend to such costs for each animal.

With Rayito we've spent 450 € in external hospitals for the operations, x-rays etc., without counting the costs of our own vet and medicines.

That's why any donation, however small, is a big help!

In the upper right corner you'll find the button for paypal donations,or our bank account:
La Caixa IBAN ES53 2100 1510 330200154756

or if your situation isn't the most favorable, you can participate in our TEAMING! With only 1€ per month, you can help us with our costs. 

Follow this link to join us: https://www.teaming.net/protectoradeanimalesyplantas-sara

Remember that if you want to donate for Rayito you have to specify “For Rayito” and thus he will benefit directly from your donation.

And the most important thing: Rayito needs a home! He's a courageous, affectionate, adorable cat and only is 2 years old. We'll have to find a good home for him so that he won't have to go to the kennels once he's recuperated from his operations.


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