SARAEDUCATES: Raising awareness at Tahiche's British School


Yesterday the 11th of March we visited the British School in Tahiche (municipality of Teguise),  in particular we were with the students of 5th and 6th class, invited by their teacher Raquel Buckett and the truth is that they are very god students! Our sincere congratulations :) 
Sara not only rescues animals in need but one of our missions is educating and raising awareness of the youngest so that our future society becomes a more respectful one with animals and as a consequence, animal abuse and abandonment will belong only in the past. 
Going back to our visit, we must point out that we were pleasantly surprised how mature and sensitive these young one are.  About 40 students paying full atention to our chat, totally participating and with loads of willingness to change the world!

Until now we were used that the frequently asked questions  in schools were: how many times do I have to bath a dog? or what is the best type of food? This time they surprised us! Due to the avalanche of enquiries about our KING hihi -we see that even the small ones follow us on social media hihi- their questions became somehow more serious like: how can we report abuse?
Our message of: don't be an accomplice with your silence! is proving to be having an effect even on the youngest! We couldn't be happier and more satisfied with this reaction! The children told us real abuse cases, they had questions about how to act in some cases... all sorts of questions that give us hope that the future may become a responsible future and respectful with the animal world. 
We will keep on working towards such respectful society ;) and from our Association thanks a million! to each and every one of the students from 5th and 6th class of the British School in Tahiche! and to their wonderfol teacher Raquel Buckett, you are amazing! Keep up the good work!
We will fight together for a better world! Thank you!