Another abuse case has just arrived to our shelter, it’s Rubi’s case, an old doggie that was rescued from a field near Arrecife. The images speak for themselves.

A rope was pressing hard and strangling her not for days or weeks… that rope was there for YEARS, causing her skin and muscle to cave in under the strong pressure over such a long period of time, causing a serious infection and the presence of Myiasis.

What is Myiasis? It’s an infection due to the presence of fly larvae that feed from her tissue, in other words, her neck was being devoured by worms.

We have recorded a video of her arrival and the first treatments in our shelter, a video where you will be able to see the larvae, so it’s not suitable for sensitive people:

Rubi not only had serious infections due to that despicable rope, she also has Pyometry (womb infection) probably due to have had litters without any veterinary control.

At the moment Rubi is under observation, and although due to her age there might be complications, she seems quite strong and has an appetite which is always a good sign. Unfortunately the psychological abuse will take longer to recover from than the physical one.

Rubi doesn’t let anybody near her, we had to sedate her to be able to treat her, she is very scared and still doesn’t trust us, but we don’t worry about it, she has only been 24h, slowly and with a lot of patience Rubi will learn to trust again, we can do it, she deserves to be happy and to experience human love.

When Rubi starts to trust and allows to be petted it’ll be the time to look for a home for her, adopted or to be fostered permanently under our PPH program (Plan of Permanent Home). In the meantime, if you would like to help her, you can sponsor her, all you have to do is fill in this form:
Sponsorship Rubi

Or if you just would like to make a donation for her, this is our La Caixa account number:
ES53 2100 1510 33 0200154756
(don’t forget to mention on the concept: For Rubi)

Thank you for all your help, all together we can keep saving many more lives.

Fecha del evento: 04-04-17