Summer Campaign 2017


Summer is here!! Have you already planned your holidays? Is your pet going with you?

Our cats and dogs also want to enjoy the summer and the holidays with the whole family. Please, do not forget them. Make the most of the summer to spend more time with your pets, don’t leave them always at home. They also enjoy going out and having fun!

The same way that our doggie model on the campaign poster: Angustias woke up smelling the summer and she is wondering “where are we going?”. That is the same question that so many pets ask themselves while they wait locked at home…

Every year we strive so that Lanzarote becomes more pet friendly and we start having more options of places to go with our pets, there are already some shops that allow pets, it’s underway and almost ready the first doggie park in Arrecife, we have two wonderful beaches, in Playa Honda and Tías where dogs are allowed…

No more excuses! Don’t leave your pet at home! Go out and have fun with them!

Most pets with behavioural issues tend to be pets that are not socialised, used to be at home most of the time and spending little time with other animals. That is why it’s Paramount that, as your pet is part of your family, you go with them to as many places as you can, that way they get used to different smells, sounds, to meet and play with other dogs, to enjoy the sea. It’s all part of their education, an education that all living being needs to be balanced and happy.

And when you go on holidays, always check the options to be able to travel with your whole family, nowadays there are many destinations where animals are allowed even places exclusively for pets.

Even if despite of it all it’s not possible, remember that you have several kennel options where your pet can be looked after until your return. Do not use travelling as an excuse to abandon that being that loves you and adores you above all. Don’t let them down, they only have you.

Our Association is planning summer activities such as a water party, walks on the beach, training courses about pets, etc. We will soon publish our summer agenda so, keep an eye on our social media and our web: and we will keep you up to date with all the options and activities to have fun with your pet!

Enjoy the summer as a family!

Fecha del evento: 29-06-17