On the 5th of October our loyal companion Mortadelo came along with us to Arrecife's I.E.S. (High School) to give an educational chat to raise awareness about animal welfare. 

Without a doubt, Mortadelo was the one that paid more attention in class LOL: 

It was a very enriching char, many doubts by the students were addressed and they all paid attention. But the chat didn't finish there. The whole class came to the shelter where they could see first hand everything we had talked to them about:

It was a very emotional visit, they could witness how a 13 year old doggie was abandoned at our premises. This made the students both angry and sad, they couldn't understand how this could be done to a loyal pet. Those tears of hurt and sadness is the drive that will make this youngsters fight actively against animal abandonment and abuse. 
Thankfully it was not all bad news, they got to meet our PDDs (Potentially Dangerous Dogs) - we like to call them PLDs (Potentially Loving Dogs) because, indeed, only after spending a few minutes  with our PLDs all the labels were completely dropped:  the students could feel the dogs innate goodness, how loving and noble they really are... the misleading labels of being bad tempered and dangerous were left behind and the reality came to light:  they are like any other dog: noble, good and affectionate. 
Thank you I.E.S. for your visit! We were delighted to welcome you and you can come back any time you want. 

Fecha del evento: 27-10-17