The sponsorship is for very little money, an animal can live a dignified manner, to eat or be seen by a veterinarian. The cost is minimun 10 € a month and anually will receive a photo of the animal and information about it. If you want to be a sponsor simply send us an email to admin@sara-lanzarote.eu with your details and the name of the animal you wish to sponsor or at the information of the animal, fill the information and select "Apadrinar a..." at the list . Thanks for your help!

We recommend that not to sponsor a puppy or young dog or cat because they are that are adopted before . However, if you sponsor a dog that is adopted can choose another without problem, just send us an email you will need to communicate the name of new dog or cat.

Remember that you need not live on the island to help homeless dogs and cats.

Reasons to sponsor a dog or cat.

HELP WITH A GOOD CAUSE, you will be an active part of our Association and our work for the welfare and animal rights.

YOU WILL HELP TO MEET THE NEEDS WITHIN THE SHELTER, once they are received should provide them accommodation sheltered from the heat and protected from the cold, an age-appropriate food, veterinary care they need, you must know that you help to cover part of these expenses with your fee as a sponsor.

SPONSORED DOG OR CAT ENJOY YOUR VISIT, if you want is not compulsory, for him will be an extra walk that will give them more exercise, more personalized attention and affection, which will help break the routine of the center.

DOG OR CAT WILL LEARN WITH YOU to walk on a leash, sit, play ball, etc.. A dog or cat well educated is always more easily to found an adoptive family.

If you have children and her dream is to have a dog or cat but circumstances prevent it you can now begin to acquire that responsibility, so we are NURTURING FUTURE RESPONSIBLE OWNERS.

All your visits will CONTRIBUTE TO THE SOCIALIZATION of the dog or cat, sometimes one gets symptoms of abuse, like shyness and diffidence, assist you with your love and our advice, to rehabilitate faster.

If your case is a person who can not take home an animal, for various reasons such as lack of time, allergies, etc, or just because you have pets at home and you can not take care of more, SPONSORSHIP IS AN OPTION TO HELP AN ANIMAL ABANDONMENT A MORE PERSONALIZED WAY.


HELP OTHERS MANY DOGS AND CATS, if all our efforts can serve to get new homes for our godchildren, we could continue to sheltering and help more dogs and cats.