SARA's Numbers


As with each New Year, we start this one with a review which we would like to share with you as none of this could have been possible without you! 

★This year we have mnanaged to attend to 1305animal (dogs and cats) 82 animals more than in 2015! 

★We have rescued a total of 841 animals! From the streets as well from some of the Local Municipality dog pounds 
Although we take animals from all the municipal dog pounds, the majority are from Arrecife and Teguise.

★And this has only been possible because the number of adoptions are increasing leaving space in the shelter to take in more animals.
This year 815 animals have been ADOPTED 140animals more than in 2015 Incredible!

★And this year we have beaten more records We Have STERILIZED 1110 animals! Of which 422 were stray cats. We are controlling the colonies of cats and preventing them from growing, which means fewer cats in the streets and more cats in homes

Each year, the number of animals we are able to help is increasing and this is thanks to you! TO ALL OF YOU! From the people who follow us and share our posts to the people who make donations or who come to the shelter to walk our dogs or give our cats affection, to the collaboration of our public offices and to everybody who does their bit, because perhaps it won’t change the world, but it might change the world for one animal