What donations we need?

Generally we take everything that comes into our hands, if they are things that we can use in the perfect hostel and if not, what we bring to our markets and sell it to raise money, so we greatly appreciate any donations that you make, whether whatever.

Still, there are always things more necessary than others because they are what we use every day in the shelter and we have to buy in order to perform the tasks, we detail it to you because all at some point that think you can help with something, you may have an idea.

- Food Dog / Cat: The food is always needed and always appreciated, only clarify that, a bag of feed at a supermarket or vet, for very cheap what you buy it, you always be more expensive than us, so , so you expend buying it, surely we could buy more. So, if possible, we prefer to think that if I buy, best expend that money or something else or directly donate to us so we can take full advantage.

- Cat litter: Those who have cats will know perfectly the requirements that they have, and among them is the place where they have to relieve themselves, with sand for it, is something we spent a lot given the number of cats we have in the shelter.

- Cleaning Material: the cages are cleaned daily morning and evening in addition to other areas of the hostel, also put clothes washers (towels, rags, sheets ...) we use for the furry friends, so you can imagine the amount products we spend, we usually spend on, cleaning bleach, clean floors, laundry detergent, industrial and normal garbage bags, hand soap ... well do, utensils, scrub buckets, mops, brooms, brushes ... are not much need because are more time to use, clear!

- Textile: Many animals arriving, they do bad, hit by a car, injured, with diarrhea and / or vomiting ... both for themselves and for the puppies or cats, we use towels, blankets, sheets ... all kinds of textiles like these that we can serve to get them warm or dry after bathing. These are washed but there are many who can not even washed because it could transmit disease to bring the animal just arrived, so it spend quickly and we always need, especially in winter.

- Medicine Material: A part of the drugs and is more sensible to buy, also used material more accessible to anyone as latex gloves, disposable masks, disposable aprons, bandages, cotton, alcohol ...

- Carriers & booths: Although we have many cages, there are also areas where there are not roof and, where we can we put our dog kennels to shy away, but these are damaged and need to be changed. We also have much need for kennels as some of our furry friends are adopted in other countries and should go in kennels for the journey, many are broken in transit and other slow to return them so we often have to spend money on buying new .

- Material for the office: The daily at the shelter is not only directly related to animals, it also requires a lot of paperwork, organization and administration, and we need materials that we allow it, such as pages, cards, pens, scissors, staplers, staples, markers, whiteboard markers, permanent markers, notepads ... Ink for HP Officejet 5610 - Colour: Number 22 - Black: Number 27 or 56 or 58