Why to be a Volunteer?

To each of us was been something that brought us here, to devote our time to volunteer to help in one way or another, to these beings who both need us and others have failed them. That something is what we want our most loyal volunteers, who spend so long with us, leaving other things that many consider essential aside, they explain you on first voice, and here you are going to be able to see their history, that they we explained how they got here and they prefer to be surrounded by these wonderful creatures to those other things that others believe essential.

Why to be a volunteer?


Carmen Maria. Voluntary since November 2010.
"My start was something that had long expected because I love animals since I have use of reason.
One day I saw SARA's web page in Internet and I decided to go to see the hostel. At first just walking the dogs but gradually hitch and now I would do anything for these "bugs", because they have made me realize that my world is with the animals and above they give me the love I can not embodied in these lines.
For my home many dogs have gone host but I have two stories that marked me by far. The first is the reason why I became a "voluntary faithful", one day in SARA I know they need to foster some puppies, Telma, who have left and who are weak, in poor condition and need bottle so I offered. They were 6 but when they came to my hands and were 5, in a few hours 4 and finally only 2 survived. So I realized how important we are volunteers.
The second story is the present. Goldberg was found the day of los Dolores in a sorry state and after a few months in SARA I decided that his last days would be at my house because it is an older dog that had not known what the true warmth of a home, unless I find a decent home for him.
I tell these stories because they are part of the shelter but also me. Do not think that are saddest stories, if not that we can all help to make things will better, so from here the only thing I'm saying here is that you're important. Be a Volunteer! "

Nuria Camañes. Voluntary since November 2010
"Well it all started with these two brothers who came almost by chance in our lives .... since I came to live in Lanzarote, I knew I wanted to help actively in any animal shelter, I searched the internet, I located SARA and I sent an email to inform me ....
I've never had cats .... the truth is I did not know much customs or habits, but these two brothers who had left because they needed me they could not stay in the shelter because they had no claws on their front paws and that meant not being able to defend themselves against attack ....
They arrived home on Saturday November 6, 2010 and within days they stole our heart and it was impossible to get them out of the house ... I could not tell exactly what it is that binds me to these two animals, but it is a sense of peace and tranquility every time I see them looking at me ... is hard to explain .... most times they transmit me most with a glance that a word of a person .... because I know what they do they do it from the heart.
At first I think I hurt, came home litters of baby kittens, to terms of days and after "rear" had to bring them back to the shelter for them to go with his new family .... but eventually I that's my understanding that is my role in the shelter ... draw strength and help them get ahead, those arriving newborn babies, sick or just a thread of life ....
But really .... I encourage people to like animals to become involved in some way because it is a very rewarding job"

Anabel Díaz. Voluntary since 2010
"Well, it was my time, I am a volunteer since 2010, I came to the shelter looking for some shelter after a frustrated oppositions, I started walking to my bugs, little by little, for an hour a day, two short hours another day, until came into my life Jury puppies, were many and needed to get out of the shelter because there was no room, here I was saying, I foster two at home, at home I had a dog for almost 10 years but no matter, I was sure that would accept without problems as it was clear.
And so up to 36 doggies who have gone through my host house, of which I have pictures of all of course, hehe.
Then I started going to the shelter daily, I cleaned, gave love of the bugs, I was too heavy a bit (because, for putting up with me every day ......), well a bit of everything, there comes a time when you symbiosis with the people and animals of the protector.
Then came Mallorca, my Mallorca, a dog tied in a ruined house without water or food that a volunteer found and brought, was terrified, not out of his house, but it was magical, Mallorca on the second day left his hole when I came to the point of walking off leash with me, was magical for me, spectacular, and I was ..... but she went to Germany to a house where they love her to distraction (that's the price of being voluntary, this much of your soul to take when they leave, but you get back with the next one arrives)
In between all this came into my life first Bimba and then Dobi, my two suns. Of course adopted in the shelter.
And after all this comes to my hands a day of many a bug (because we didn't knew exactly what it was) Perla, for she I took one of the most important decisions in my life, change professions, (had been for 20 years accounting administration) wanted to be a hairdresser canine, and after studying me out titles and here I am, being canine hairdresser because of the shelter, gorgeous ...... of course now I'm to put more handsome Sara bugs for that when they get to their new homes are clean and smell good.
This has become a bit long, but have been almost three years of happiness, and I hope to be many more, the days when I was sadder I went to the shelter for the doggies to comfort me, and sure enough, there I spend all the sorrows, I forget all the problems, see those faces waiting for walks, the mimes, give them sweets, that is priceless, and I will always be grateful to the people for welcoming the shelter, of that so great, to all the volunteers who are working, they are great, I've met wonderful people, friends that I love very much today, thanks for letting me be part of the family of Sara.
And if after reading all this stuff if you do not want to be volunteer, they do not know what you're missing, cheer up, are great people, hehe."