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  • Pet's First Aid Workshop 2017

    Pet's First Aid Workshop 2017


    Our First Aid Workshop is back!

    We will learn how to save the life of an animal in case they have an accident (run over, another dog's attack, choking, wounds, convulsions, bleeding, broken bones...) and how to do resuscitation or how to deal with a heatstroke. We will also learn about basic care, how to deal with different pathologies and how to avoid them.

    There will be a theory part where we'll discuss the most common pathologies, both for DOGS AND CATS, followed by the practical part on dogs...

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  • Pasarela Perruna en Punta Mujeres

    Pasarela Perruna en Punta Mujeres


    One more year we will return to the fiestas of Punta Mujeres! Thanks to the Neighborhood Association of that municipality for inviting us again, our puppies waiting for adoption will be able to parade so that everyone can see the great models they are! (I.e.

    This Saturday day 2 will start the walkway at 11.00 and is expected to end at about 13.00

    Thats not all! We will also be there with our booth so you can inform us of our work or collaborate with the acquisition of an article;)

    So you know where you can find us this Saturday, not only in our hostel, but in Punta Mujeres!

    Come and see us parade! And collaborate with us!

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  • Summer Campaign 2017

    Summer Campaign 2017


    Summer is here!! Have you already planned your holidays? Is your pet going with you?

    Our cats and dogs also want to enjoy the summer and the holidays with the whole family. Please, do not forget them. Make the most of the summer to spend more time with your pets, don’t leave them always at home. They also enjoy going out and having fun!

    The same way that our doggie model on the campaign poster: Angustias woke up smelling the summer and she is wondering “where are we going?”. That is the same question that so many pets ask themselves while they wait locked at home…

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  • V Torneo Padel Lzt 2017

    V Torneo Padel Lzt 2017


    Desde el 1 al 15 de Julio tendrá lugar el V TORNEO LZT 2017, para inscribirse en él, podéis hacerlo hasta el 29 de Junio en los siguientes lugares de inscripción:

    > Parque Salinas
    > Piscina Municipal
    > Gimnasio Macrofit Arrecife

  • Workshop: Not being afraid of noises

    Workshop: Not being afraid of noises


    The Arrecife Townhall is promoting a free dog training workshop to help dogs not to be scared of any loud noises.

    After the motion presented to the Townhall requesting silent fireworks, the Townhall informs us that they are very difficult to achieve so while they are considering the project's viability they opt to help families with pets that are scared of noises, not only caused by fireworks but any loud noises from every day life, so that they acept them with as little stress as possible until a viable solution is found.

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