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  • V Torneo Padel Lzt 2017

    V Torneo Padel Lzt 2017


    Desde el 1 al 15 de Julio tendrá lugar el V TORNEO LZT 2017, para inscribirse en él, podéis hacerlo hasta el 29 de Junio en los siguientes lugares de inscripción:

    > Parque Salinas
    > Piscina Municipal
    > Gimnasio Macrofit Arrecife

  • Pet crematorium in Lanzarote

    Pet crematorium in Lanzarote


    After many YEARS of insisting a lot, we finally can annouce the big new that: we have now the legal option to say the last goodbye to our dear pet instead of sending them to the unpleasant dump.

    We have been asking for many years to have a crematorium from the Cabildo, followed with dealing with many private companies and finally the guys at HELA decided to try and achieved, after a lot of hard work, to formalise the first pet crematorium in Lanzarote.

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  • The 6th podenco of the confiscated ones from Tías

    The 6th podenco of the confiscated ones from Tías


    This podenco on a first inspection from the Local Police from Tías was brought to the vet as an emergency so he would get treated due to the extreme thinness: his life was in inmediate danger...

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  • Confiscation of five podencos from Tías

    Confiscation of five podencos from Tías


    (Contains images that can damage your sensitivity)

    We haven't fully recovered our last case of abuse: RUBI, when today, Seprona asked us for help to save five podencos that were starving to death Tías. The veterinary reports point out the extreme thinness of these podencos, even one of them, one of the puppies was already deceased in the place and in advanced state of decomposition. Seprona's quick action to seize them has possibly saved the lives of these dogs.

    We do not want to imagine what these poor dogs have suffered, because they had neither food nor water: We just spent a huge heat wave in Lanzarote and these poor dogs did not even have water...

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  • king's pressumed abusers have been charged!!!

    king's pressumed abusers have been charged!!!


    Finally the day has arrived, a year after King arrived to our shelter after two people tried to kill him, at last we can "close King's case as Seprona Lanzarote's investigation has given results and his presummed abusers have been identified and charged! Now we need to wait and see whether they are condemmed or not.

    You remember King's case, don't you?

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