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  • Asamblea Ordinaria 2018

    Asamblea Ordinaria 2018


    Por la presente y conforme a lo establecido en el artículo 7 de nuestros Estatutos Sociales, se convoca ASAMBLEA GENERAL ORDINARIA, para el próximo día 17 de Febrero de 2018 a las 18:30 horas en primera convocatoria y a las 19:00 horas en segunda y última convocatoria, en la Casa de la Juventud de

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  • Christmas Campaign 2017: Pets ARE NOT toys, they ARE YOUR FAMILY members

    Christmas Campaign 2017: Pets ARE NOT toys, they ARE YOUR FAMILY members


    Christmas is here and you want to give that special present to your partner, your mother, father or any other member of your family and you think... Puppies are adorable! They will be the perfect present!


    To start with we need to eradicate from our mind the thought that animals are THINGS that can be bought, given as presents, used and discarded... they are sentient beings: they suffer, have fun, can be sad or happy... all the feelings that you can experience yoruself, they have then too and we are convinced that none of us would like to be treated as a mere gift, would we?...

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  • Sterilization Campaign 2017 in San Bartolomé

    Sterilization Campaign 2017 in San Bartolomé


    The subsidy for the residents of San Bartolomé has been re-opened:

    --Sterilize your pet and pay only 50 % , the Towh Hall will pay the rest.

    Remember that to benefit from this subsidy, your pet must be identified with a microchip. If this is not the case, our Association can help you:

    -- We will pay for 50% of the microchip's cost

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  • V Torneo Padel Lzt 2017

    V Torneo Padel Lzt 2017


    Desde el 1 al 15 de Julio tendrá lugar el V TORNEO LZT 2017, para inscribirse en él, podéis hacerlo hasta el 29 de Junio en los siguientes lugares de inscripción:

    > Parque Salinas
    > Piscina Municipal
    > Gimnasio Macrofit Arrecife

  • Pet crematorium in Lanzarote

    Pet crematorium in Lanzarote


    After many YEARS of insisting a lot, we finally can annouce the big new that: we have now the legal option to say the last goodbye to our dear pet instead of sending them to the unpleasant dump.

    We have been asking for many years to have a crematorium from the Cabildo, followed with dealing with many private companies and finally the guys at HELA decided to try and achieved, after a lot of hard work, to formalise the first pet crematorium in Lanzarote.

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