Who are we?

The Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants "SARA" started in 1986, thanks to a group of people concerned about the situation of the animals on our island: animal abuse is not prosecuted or punished by the law, cats reproduce uncontrollably , stray dogs, many of them wounded, animals hit by cars on the roads, the keeping of animal in inadequate conditions and systematic killing in kennels .


Despite our attempts , "SARA" does not receive any fixed monthly or annual support of city councils, or the government of the Canary Islands. Our income depends on private donations, piggy banks, markets, membership of the collaboration of parallel societies in Germany and the contributions of animal lovers of mainly European countries.
Our work covers three main points:

  • Address of a shelter for abandoned animals.

Here we care for an average of 200 dogs and 1 65cats, which are subject to veterinary control, food and daily cleaning. We have cage space for dogs, a cattery, a quarantine area for puppies, a surgery , a veterinary practice and a hospital. Currently our team consists of several employees who care for animals, a veterinarian who works 6 days a week and a group of volunteers. Our goal is to get a new loving and responsible home for these abandoned animals, even in another European country, as may be Germany. Fortunately, every month we find a new familyfor some 50 dogs and about 25 cats, which are given sterilized, vaccinated and in the case of dogs, with its corresponding microchip

  • Awareness campaign.

We intend to apply the Animal Protection Act, passed by the Canarian Parliament in June 1986. We try to report cases of violation of this Act, any injustice or cruelty to animals. Gradually we try to raise awareness on the island about the responsibilities of having a pet and especially for children, through a program with schools, which started in June 2002.

  • Sterilization campaign.

We believe that sterilization is the most effective and healthy way to prevent the uncontrolled growth of animal populations, which is one of the causes of dropouts . At SARA we take care to sterilize stray animals that come to our hostel. We fight for the right of animals to live and that this life is worth living . we only sacrifice if the vet sees no other option .