At SARA we have many animals that for some reason seem invisible to future adopters, either by age, by some physical difference or who knows why. But the days go by and these animals are still waiting for their opportunity.

In our effort to find a home for all the animals that pass through our shelter we have decided that these “different animals” should also have their chance and that’s why we created the PAP (Permanent foster plan). With this plan we intend not only that no dog or cat that passes through SARA has to die in the shelter, but also that all of them can find a home where they can be loved.

To achieve our purpose we have a list of animals that can be fostered. The foster plan consists of a person who offers to collaborate and foster a dog or cat in his/her house, permanently, without stipulating a date of completion and while the animal is being fostered, SARA will take charge of the food and the necessary veterinary treatment.

Do you want to foster an animal thanks to our foster plan?

With this type of initiative, we hope that many of our animals will get their long-awaited home.

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or call us at 928 17 34 17.

Permanent Foster Plan