WE ARE GOING TO LA GRACIOSA, COME WITH US! On Sunday, October 16, we are all going to La Graciosa hand in hand with @lineasromero who has organized a fabulous excursion for us all to have a great time. We will leave from Órzola at 11:00 a.m., once in La Graciosa [...]

Solidarity Calendar 2022


    The new Sara 2022 solidarity calendars are now on sale, four beautiful photos of the wonderful Justin Kerswell. One more year and due to the economic situation that we are going through, both the collaborating companies that help us with the printing costs of the calendar, as well as [...]

Course of Complaints against Animal Abuse 2017


Colaboramos con la Policia Local Arrecife Unidad Protección Animal y Medio Ambiente en el Curso de Denuncias contra el Maltrato Animal. ✔ Será el 15 de Diciembre a las 19.00 h ✔ En el Centro Cívico de ARRECIFE ¿Qué vamos a APRENDER en este curso? Siempre nos llega muchísimas dudas sobre: ▶ [...]

Ordinary Assembly 2020


Ordinary Assembly 2020 Dear Partner: Hereby and according to the established in the article 7 of our Social Statutes, it is summoned the ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY for the next day 15 of February of 2020 at 18:30 hours in first call and at 19:00 hours in second and last call in [...]

Christmas 2019 – Arístides Moreno


Every year we launch a message at this time like the following:"WE ARE NOT TOYS", "ANIMALS ARE NOT GIFTS", "ADOPT WITH RESPONSIBILITY" ... This year the message comes from the great Arístides Moreno and as he says it is not right to give away animals, they are our family and will [...]

San Silvestre 2019


Registration is now open for the San Silvestre race - City of Arrecife 2019. This year and thanks to the Municipality of Arrecife and the Department of Sports all the profits will be in favor of Sara. We are very excited about this last event of the year and we encourage [...]

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