V Brunch Book


One more year our already famous Brunch Book arrives. A different day at our shelter. We will have: live music marketplace second-hand books vegan food our big raffle with lots of prizes All this and much more with the same purpose, to help our almost 400 animals. Don't miss out on [...]

Solidarity Calendar 2020


Our 2020 solidarity calendar is now available. Don't miss yours! COME ON AND COLLABORATE! We have three new points of sale for our 2020 solidarity calendar: Pet grooming salon ¡Que pelos! in C/ Tajaraste n°2, Argana Alta. Bazar Beatriz, Avd Las playas 67, Puerto del Carmen. T.Gas Tahiche gas station. Ctra. [...]

Calendar 2020


We have our 2020 Solidarity Calendar ready. This year our furry friends have a big surprise for all their fans! Determined to decorate the walls of your houses, they present us with their charms in order to reach the hearts of everyoneñ. With this initiative they hope to raise funds for [...]

Tips to minimize our pets’ fears on New Year’s Eve


December 31st: NEW YEAR'S EVE AND HELL FOR OUR PETS Every year on January 1st there are always lots of animals that have been run over, lots of warnings of animals that have been lost, visits to the vet, etc... We will try to make this celebration the least painful for [...]

When is the Day of the cat?


Did you know that cats are the only animal in the world with three days a year on the world's agenda? This debate has been created over the years and the new era of technologies. When you search on the Internet, either by Google or another search engine "World Cat Day" [...]

Stray cats


We all know how hard the life of stray cats is: exposed to a thousand dangers and fighting day by day to survive. From the shelter we use all the year round the method C.E.S. (capture, sterilization and release) for the street cats. Its purpose is to control the reproduction of [...]

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