Every year on January 1st there are always lots of animals that have been run over, lots of warnings of animals that have been lost, visits to the vet, etc… We will try to make this celebration the least painful for our faithful friends.

How? Follow this advice:
1. Avoid going out to the street at the noisiest times. And if you can’t avoid it, keep them tied up at all times. Every dog, no matter how obedient it is, can always get scared and run away with the danger of being run over.
If our pet lives in the garden/terrace etc, at least that night, allow it to enter the house so that its suffering is as little as possible.

Once at home:
2. If possible, do not leave him alone that night. Our presence itself will help him feel safe. We can also put an open carrier or something where he/she can hide if he/she wishes.
3. Do not reinforce his/her fear. Seeing them scared, also makes us feel worried, and our pets will notice it, and they will notice our concern, our anger about the firecrackers, etc. They should notice us calm, as if it was a normal day, as if nothing was happening.
4. Whether we are at home OR NOT, leave the television, radio, music … something put with a good volume, to muffle the noise of the firecrackers. This option is what works best.

Before any firecracker starts, put something with a good volume at home and do not remove it until the external noises are over.
This last advice is very important to follow, especially if we have no choice but to leave our pets alone in the house.
5. Finally, there are medicines that help them to cope with this torture for cases in which the pet has a very very bad time. For more information about this, we must inform us before in our usual vet.

Let’s hope this holiday season doesn’t bring sad news as it does every year. Let’s all be responsible for our pets and be as careful as we can.

Take good care of our dear animals. They deserve to feel supported and cared in nights like this. Please and Thank you!