We all know how hard the life of stray cats is: exposed to a thousand dangers and fighting day by day to survive.

From the shelter we use all the year round the method C.E.S. (capture, sterilization and release) for the street cats. Its purpose is to control the reproduction of the cats in order to have healthy and controlled colonies and to end the unnecessary suffering of the unwanted ones.

You can call us to get information and collaborate with the shelter in the capture and release of the cats, since it is not only about FEEDING, it is about feeding, controlling litters and also the health status of the cats.

We take advantage of this post to give some advice on how to act when we find litters of kittens, as sometimes our desire to help make mistakes and harm the kittens.

When we meet a litter we must take into account:

1.- The mother is not with them 24 hours a day, she may have gone out to look for food and if we take away her kittens we will leave her desolate and she will be days looking for them and calling them ?… … So we must let a few hours go by and then come back, check the place, so we know for sure that they are alone and helpless, then and only if we are sure, act to save those lives.

2.- If we take these babies without checking that they really need it, we cut their life expectancy, since with their mother they have a much better chance of living than when they are raised by bottle, no matter how much we sacrifice for them. ?

3.- The Shelters and Foster Homes are sometimes saturated and complete, and a hasty action with the litters of street kittens increases the work and sacrifice of the foster homes, which we need so much.