Thank you all for sharing last Saturday with us! Many new faces, others not so much anymore, and we love to feel that there are so many people who are still there, year after year, supporting us. And also that everyday more people are joining our fight.

It was a spectacular morning. We spent it as a “family” and above all, 4 dogs and a kitten were adopted: our previously announced, LCE kitten, and also: Brunch, Gofio, Mencey puppy and… BELLEVUE PUPPY! The last of the 3 bardine puppies that entered in 2010 being a puppy and is already 4 years old. So after spending 4 years with us, he finally found a home! This is the best news we could have!

And without forgetting, a very happy and joyful moment… THE BIRTHDAY OF LLANO! We sang happy birthday to him and he ate his special “cake” and for one day … He was the King! He didn’t have the luck of Bellevue but we don’t lose hope. At least, that day he was the center of attention of many people.

And well, we don’t want to forget to thank each one of our volunteers for all (the great amount hehe) of food they donated made with all the love in the world to be able to raise funds, to the San Antonio Bakery for their donation and to Coca Cola that also donated us soft drinks.

Thank you all!